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Day of Immunology - Call to Action 2018!

ImmunoKenya Workshop 2018

We are looking for speakers!

The 2nd ImmunoKenya Workshop will be held in Nairobi on September 23rd - 30th, 2018. The organizing team is looking for researchers who can assist with teaching in the field of both:

  • HCV/hepatocellular
  • HTLV-1/leukemia

To apply, please contact Dr Lucy Ochola ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), secretary of the Kenya Society of Immunology and member of the organizing committee.

VIC Acivities

Travel Awards - EVIW 2018

The International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) Veterinary Immunology Committee (VIC) and the European Veterinary Immunology Group (EVIG) are pleased to announce that they are offering joint Travel Awards to attend the 6th European Veterinary Immunology Workshop, 5-7 September 2018, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Official relations with WHO renewed

We are delighted to announce the official continuation of the IUIS relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Following the last WHO Executive board in January 2018, a renewal confirmation has been addressed to our society. Dr Knezevic, who serves as the designated technical officer for our relation will be our main contact to persue the implementation of the agreed plan for collaboration. The next review of the implemenation of the plan wil take place in January 2021.

Recruitment of Research Group Leaders - Paris, France

The Insitut Cochin, a leading French biological Research Center, opens 2 positions for outstanding scientists wishing to establish their own independent team, addressing biological questions in line with its priority axes:

  • Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
  • Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes
  • Develpment, Reproduction and Cancer

Deadline for application is April 15, 2018.

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Meeting: Immunopharmacology: Challenges, opportunities and research tools

Visit the Meeting website

The two-day (01-02 October 2018) scientific meetingĀ  Immunopharmacology: Challenges, opportunities and research tools scientific meeting is designed to give participants the opportunity to hear leading academic and industry experts in immunity, inflammation and infection from around the world present their research. The meeting provides invaluable opportunities for participants to network with both immunologists and pharmacologists from the UK and overseas.

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Early Career Research Prize in Vaccinology R&D

Congratulations to Tineke Cantaert!

We have a winner!Early Carreer Research Prize in Vaccinology

The IUIS, together with Vaccines Europe is pleased to announce the 2017 winner of the Early Career Research Prize in Vaccinology R&D.

The winner has been identified by a jury of 7 members of the IUIS Vaccine Committee among the excellent applications received from 6 different European countries.

According to the standardized scoring system followed, the highest scores were given to Tineke Cantaert, PhD (Belgian), currently working at the Institut Pateur du Cambodge.

10th FAIS-African Immunology Congress

participants congres

The 10th African Congress of Immunology was held in Hammamet, Tunisia, in December 3-7, 2017. You can now watch the congress ceremonies videos and check pictures of the event on http://www.faisafrica.com/en/.

AAI Advanced Course in Immunology 22-27 July 2018

Register now: http://www.aai.org/Education/Courses/Advanced