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Gender Equality and Career Development Committee (GEC)

What is the GEC?

This is the newest IUIS Committee established at the 2010 IUIS Council meeting in Kobe, Japan. The mission of the Committee is to encourage promotion of women immunologists around the world and to help with career development issues of women and young scientists.


Field of action

We monitor various activities around the world of organizations devoted to these topics and publicize those that are important to our mission. The Committee encourages and offers assistance to IUIS member societies to undertake activities that promote gender equality. The Committee compiles and maintains current a list of outstanding women immunologists around the world, both young and established scientists, to aid organizers of important international meetings in selecting women speakers and assuring their proper representation. The Committee supports attendance of women trainees at various courses, in collaboration with other IUIS Committees, in particular the Education Committee. The Committee organizes various educational and networking activities for women and trainees in association with IUIS member societies and Federations during their meetings and congresses.




List of reports:

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016

GEC Chair's report 2014

GEC Chair's report 2013

GEC Chair's report 2012

GEC Chair's report 2011