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Publications Committee (PUB)

What is the PUB?

In 2017, a new IUIS Committee was established. The Publications Committee has four main goals:

1. to establish and maintain a working relationship with Frontiers in Immunology as the official journal of IUIS

2. to develop policies for publishing and handling of data within the field of immunology

3. to promote IUIS communication, and

4. to support publications relating to IUIS meetings.



To date, we have finalized a new contractual relationship with Frontiers in Immunology. A highlight of the new relationship is the IUIS-sponsored Research Topics. This will highlight the relationship between the two organizations and provide opportunities for IUIS members to submit and lead Research Topics relevant to IUIS, and to promote IUIS within the journal.


To differentiate these from regular Research Topics, the resulting Research Topic will display the following

E-Book cover: IUIS logo

Research Topic Description:

An IUIS Initiative: This Research Topic has been initiated with the support of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS); a part of the proceeds from the article publishing fees is shared with the IUIS to be spent to activities that foster the growth and development of the immunology community.

To date, we have 6 confirmed IUIS- Research Topics confirmed, with topics ranging from exosomes to vaccines to long non-coding RNAs. We look forward to new submissions from members.





Committee Chairman:

Prof Foo (Eddie) Liew (UK)

Ex officio: Luigi Notarangelo (editor of Frontiers in Immunology)

Other Committee Members:

Roslyn Kemp (ExCo representative, New Zealand)
Deborah Brown (USA)
Alejandro Lopez (Australia)
Leopoldo Santos (Mexico)






2017 Annual Report

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