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The integration of IUIS VIC activities with veterinary immunology research and other networking initiatives is explained in a recent webinar on immunological correlates of protection in ruminants that was delivered by Gary Entrican. The webinar can be accessed HERE


International Veterinary Immunology Symposium (IVIS) 2016

Gold Coast, Australia

16-19 August 2016

Read the travel award reports from the 2016 recipients:

Travel Awards 2016




Veterinary Immunology Keystone Meeting 2015

Colorado, United-States

January 2015

Bursaries for Keystone meeting and the report in Jan 2015.

You can also find the symposium of the keystone meeting.

The notes from Keystone with pictures of this report below.

Find attached the travel report.


May 2015

Keystone Bursaries in May.