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Report on Advanced Course in Basic and Clinical Immunology


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I was really fortunate to have been a part of such a highly educational and scientific course.The FOCIS and IUIS is known to organize such informative courses.The course was held at avery beautiful place i.e. ScottsdaleResort and Spa, Arizona, USA from 19th-22nd February, 2017.The course included a total of 13 well known eminent Immunologists as faculty from different reputed institutes of USA, including UCSF, University of Massachusates, Harvard Medical School, University of Pennsilviniya, Yale School of Medicine, Stanford University etc and around 60 participants globally.

These faculties covered a total of 17 different areas of Immunology. The very first day of the course was a formal introduction of the participants to the faculties of the course. The lectures started from the very basic concepts of immunology to recent advancements in the field. All the topics were divided into 5 major sessions. Session I included introduction of Immunology, types of immunity, antigen, antibody, antigen presentation, HLA. Session II included lectures on components of immune system including various immune cells (T & B cells). Session III targeted B and T cells and their collaboration and mechanism underlying immune tolerance. Session IV and V were very specific and covered almost every area of immunology with all the recent updates. These 2 sessions were particularly targeting the involvement of immunology in diseases like Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, Transplantation, Allergies, Immunodeficiencies etc. The last session also included lecture on immunotherapy and various commercialized immunotherapeutic drugs, their targets and underlying mechanisms with special references to endemic diseases like Diabetes mellitus, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.

Overall the course was very beneficial as not only the topics and content were related to my work but it was also very interesting. Other topics were also highly brain tickling. Further, the environment of the meeting was also very much supportive and friendly to interact and learn more and more. All the lectures were very well planned with inclusion of a short break after each lecture which ultimately helped to concentrate and understand each topic very well.

This course helped me to improve and increase my knowledge base in terms of understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying protective immune response and discuss the recent updates and emerging themes in immunology research, immunological diseases and associate these mechanisms with strategies for therapeutic modulation of immune system. The course was also helpful to understand the immunological basis of biotherapeutics and their uses and effects in various organ specific diseases. All these concepts would be helpful not only in my future research career in immunology, but also during my teaching to masters students as well. It would help me to better clarify the various immunological concepts as along with the basic concepts and recent advancements, I have also learned some unique ways to teach including how to make immunology more interactive and interesting to the students.

I am a PhD fellow at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, and I was selected by the Gender Equality and Career Development Committee (GEC) of The International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) to attend to the Advanced Course in Basic and
Clinical Immunology. The course was well organized and intense. All the lectures were given by renowned scientists and contributed to broad my knowledge in Immunology. Also, I had the opportunity
to talk to the faculty and other course attendees.
I am doing basic research in innate immunity and it was an excellent for me to have a deeper view in other fields inside immunology. Besides that, the course raised important questions yet to be investigated, that may be my focus on future projects. I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to attend to this course.
I am going to recommend the FOCIS Advanced Course in Basic and Clinical Immunology for other PhDs students in Brazil.