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Member Benefits

IUIS membership provides access to the world’s leading immunology experts, exclusive grant opportunities and research resources.  Membership allows organizations to promote their scientific knowledge, experience and best practices.

If your organization is considering applying for IUIS Regular Membership please read through the application criteria here.

What we offer you

Membership in a global community

  • developing partnerships with colleagues worldwide
  • influencing national and international policy
  • formulating and implementing immunology strategies worldwide
  • sharing best practices and building more efficient institutions

Promotion of your work

  • sponsoring your immunology research activities through capacity-building grants
  • disseminating information on your activities through IUIS's website, social media & newsletters
  • promoting your meetings in the calendar of international immunology conferences
  • offering an advocacy platform for immunotherapy initiatives
  • recognizing your organization in IUIS documents

Building IUIS

  • voting in the general assembly
  • nominating members to the board of directors
  • engaging in global debates and communication
  • participating in expert task forces

Sharing in IUIS events

  • hosting the International Congress of Immunology (ICI) or other IUIS meetings
  • sponsoring sessions and side meetings at the ICI
  • IUIS endorsement for your meetings (free of charge, subject to approval)
  • gala dinner following the council meeting


  • fellowships for young investigators, students and postdocs
  • professional development resources for staff and volunteers
  • opportunities to take part in IUIS topical seminars
  • workshops at the ICI


What you can offer us

What we expect from members

  • promote benefits of a healthy immune system in your community
  • support national and international immunology campaigns
  • uphold IUIS mission statement and policy recommendations
  • share IUIS information and materials with your constituency
  • provide copies of all major documentation, including annual reports and publications
  • notify IUIS of significant national developments and policy changes of interest to the global community
  • timely payment of annual dues

Make the most of your IUIS membership by

  • appointing a staff member as an IUIS liaison
  • participating in the Day of Immunology
  • participating in the ICI and sponsoring symposiums
  • participating in IUIS general assembly
  • voting in IUIS elections
  • being elected and serving on IUIS board of directors
  • contributing to IUIS task forces and committees
  • using IUIS logo at your events, conferences and publications (free of charge, subject to approval)
  • helping immunology organizations in resource-constrained settings
  • encouraging your staff and volunteers to make use of IUIS online resources
  • helping to maintain IUIS projects, policies, events and publications at the highest possible level


IUIS Statement on Membership Dues

World Bank classification of nations:

  • IUIS "low income" = World Bank "low to lower-middle income"
  • IUIS "high income" = World Bank "upper-middle to high income"


*membership categories follow the World Bank Classifications by income economies - updated 2017

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