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Symposium in Mucosal Immunology and Homeostatic Regulation og the Inflammatory Process (July 1-2, 2010)

National Academy of Medicine, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Organizers: Drs Tomas Herrero and Graciela Remondino

Aimed at graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and young investigators, physicians, biochemists, biologists, nutritionists and stomatologists, working in related areas or that are interested in the field of immunology. Integration between basic and clinical immunology fields referring to mucous membranes will be especially highlighted and this will be projected towards clinical immunomodulation as translational research proposals.


The symposium was highly praised. It provided an update on relevant current issues in mucosal Immunology and homeostatic regulation of the inflammatory process showing the integration between basic and clinical immunology fields referred to mucous membranes. There was very good attendance at the meeting. Despite the world cup, 60 people were present. Graduate Students, post-doctoral fellows, and investigators, came from different regions of our country (Tucuman, Córdoba, Santa Fe). 10 students benefited from IUIS support (all of them living far away from Buenos Aires city) and received scholarships and travel grants. They are working in Argentina in different Immunology Departments, Faculties of Biochemistry, or the CONICET Institute.
It was very important that the interactive sessions of the symposium were done after each module; these modules were oral-intestinal mucosal immunity, immunity of respiratory mucosa, and mucosal immunity in reproduction. There was active interactive sessions between students and fellows. All received printed material and abstracts of the lectures with questions to answer. The teachers then had to discuss the answers given by the students.
Students and teachers proved to be very satisfied with the symposium.