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Mucosal Immunology and Mucosal Vaccination Course (May 17-18, 2010)

Trinidad, Cuba

Organized by Cuban Immunology Society, Latin-American Association of Immunology (ALAI), Latin-American Mucosal Immunology Group (GLIM).
Chairs: Drs Oliver Pérez and Alejandro Chabalgoity.

Sponsored by: the National Council of Scientific Societies of Health from Cuba, the University of Gothenburg and the STINT, Sweden, and the Educational Committee of IUIS.
IUIS covered the registration costs of all students, some course materials and half of the transport of students from Havana to Trinidad.

This course was held during Adjuvant 2010, the 5th International Workshop on Vaccine Adjuvants and Parasitic Vaccines 1st Symposium on Nano- and Micro-Particles. Adjuvant 2010 was held in Brisas Trinidad del Mar Hotel, Trinidad, Cuba and was attended by 52 delegates from all around the world. This meeting is devoted to the lively field of vaccine immunopotentiator systems, aimed at facilitation of better responses to vaccine antigens.
After a general Introductory Session, the Adjuvant Meeting included Symposia on Novel Vaccine & Adjuvant Formulations; Adjuvants: mechanism of action; Mucosal Vaccination & Adjuvants; Nano- and Micro-particles & Delivery Systems; Parasitic Vaccines. The Mucosal Immunology course itself was held in the evenings and covered in lectures and group sessions topics such as mucosal immunology, microbe-host cell interactions, vaccine formulations, vaccine production, development of novel vaccines and adjuvants, and vaccination for global health. A special session was dedicated to short presentations of research projects carried out by participants and to general discussions with students and lecturers. All delegates attended the course. Of them 5 experts in the mucosal field (Brandtzæg, Harandi, Medaglini, Rumbo, and Pérez) who gave the lectures. 47 students attended the course, and gave either oral or poster presentations. Each student received a CD with all presentations of the course and meeting.
The Keynote Addresses, interactive workshops, and Poster exhibits provided the opportunity for exchanged ideas and established cooperation among colleagues from Academic and Research Institutions and Industry. All students and professors from Latin America were kindly invited to join the Latin American Mucosal Immunology Group (GLIM), an interaction network aimed at creating a meeting place for different research groups in Latin America with shared interest in mucosal immunology.