The Ebola epidemic: Is there a way out?

The International Union of Immunology Societies (IUIS) published a statement today in its official journal, Frontiers in Immunology (2) calling for urgent and adequate funding of vaccine candidates in clinical trials and speedy implementation of immunisation in African countries.



Here is a link to the press release: IUIS Press Release on Ebola Paper


Here is a link to the published article in Frontiers: http://journal.frontiersin.org/Journal/10.3389/fimmu.2014.00562/full

Basic and Clinical New Funding Opportunities - updated 30.10!

The IUIS and its partners offer the following opportunities to receive finincial support for their individual development in immunological science.

April 29 is the International Day of Immunology!

Winners of the 2013 Day of Immunology Award: Turkey, Australia and Tunisia (shown in photo) with a special prize given to Barcelona

Frontiers in Immunology at a Glance

Frontiers in Immunology, the official journal of the IUIS, has an ever growing impact in the scientific community. A new flyer has been developed to give you a quick overview of what Frontiers is and the breadth of its reach.

We encourage you to have a look here and of course, forward it on.

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ICI Milan 2013 Highlights

Luciano Adorini presenting the Key Figures at the ICI opening ceremony

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